Saturday, September 21, 2013


I'm posting some art that I've done in the last couple weeks! Finally. I kept forgetting to take pictures when I was on campus where my stuff is. This time I remembered, but these are just really quick snap shots and some of the paintings have some glare... deal with it.

These pictures are just in the order I took them in, not the order I painted them in, because I'm tired and lazy and just got back from swing dancing. So there.

Thesea are "imprimatura" studies. If you don't know what that means, Wikipedia does.

This first one is the last one I did. Its Deyoung. He was kinda making a funny face, so the expression is his fault. But if it doesn't look like him, that might be my fault. 

These next two are of the same person... though they might not look it.

I'll admit... this next one is my least favorite. Meh.

This next one is the first that I did. Like I said... these aren't in order.

Its a John Singer Sargent! Or maybe just a copy of one of his self portraits. Yeah. Thats probably what it is. 

Rembrandt! I liked this picture because its happy. 

I've been doing alot of experimenting in sketchbook. I've been trying out colored pencils... these are actually watercolor pencils, but I didn't bring a brush. So yeah. 

I've been having fun with brush pens, which are awesome. Its fun to just be loose and get something down.

Not super great, I admit, but thats what a sketchbook is for--somewhere to put all your bad practice drawings.

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