Friday, March 27, 2009

For class

Oh no! Where did all the posts go?

Well, I deleted them, actually. But never fear--all the photos that were on display are avaliable and I'll get them up later. Except the ones that I don't like... I'm doing this site this time around, so therefore only work I like will be going up on it! Haha!

Why did I delete them all?

Because. Well, because this site wasn't really doing anything at all. And I'm supposed to start an art blog/website for my Intermediate Computer Applications class. I saw no reason to start a completely new one when I already had this one.

We were actually encouraged to use wordpress for the project, because wordpress makes it easier to navigate through the kind of art you want to see, make "pages" that arent entries, etc. Which I understand, but again, why make a completely new art blog when I have one sitting around?

So I added a labels thingy on the side. As long as I remember to label all my posts clearly, it should help people find the kind of art they're looking for.

Lets see how this works out.