Saturday, June 8, 2013

This week--Season Series done, ambigrams to come

So last time I posted my raccoons picture I said that I wasn't entirely satisfied with it and would return to it later. So, for this week I finished the raccoon piece and then combined all four seasons designs.

And I found my sketchbooks from just before, during, and just after the mission. I went through them and marked all of the ambigrams or little comics I drew that I want to fix and share, so those will probably be my piece for next week, or maybe the next couple weeks. 

Can you tell what the ambigram on the top says both rightside-up and upside-down? 


alybow said...

Dear Sarah,
Let's make these into cards???
Bryttin wants them in 5x7's to frame in her living room
and I think you could sell them at the Farmers market for sure! What do you say?
Aunt Alyson

alybow said...

Could I call you about coming up with a picture for our TREK. We are in charge ...need your talent. Yes? No?
Let me know.