Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stained Glass Class

Today is the final for my Stained Glass Class! I've really enjoyed it and I want to be able to keep on making stained glass things. Except, glass is expensive. Hmm.

We started the class working with tissuepaper and posterboard instead of glass. Familiar territory.

Then we learned to cut class into little pieces, to make mosaics! We glued them onto glass containers and filled in the gaps with grout. Ta-da! Fancy candle holder.

Next project... fancier candle holder! I had fun being creative with my shapes. It reminds me of a flower, especially with the colors I used.

Final project--a leaded window! This one actually didn't turn out as nice as it could have because there were some little holes where my pieces didn't fit together quite as well as they should have. But next time, I'll do better.

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