Friday, February 1, 2013

What I've been doing lately...

I yet live! As proof, I will show you what I've been doing lately...
Ok, so this is actually from last semester. This was my final for my Senior Studio class. The prompt was Ghosts of Christmas Past, of any interpretation. I decided to literally illustrate THE Ghost of Christmas Past from The Christmas Carol. Thanks to Brooke and Randall for being my wonderful models.

This semester I'm taking the Senior Studio 2 class, which is essentially a Figure Painting class. I'm loving it! Our teacher is Joseph Brickey, he's a great artist and just a really nice guy. Lately I've been loving vectors and trying to figure out what I want to do with my work digitally, and I'd forgotten how much I love oil paint, and brushwork, and fun color variation.... and painterliness in general. This was my first painting in the class, just a study that took 1 class period (about 3 hours including breaks). Can you see where I was going, "Yay! BRUSH STROKES! I MISSED YOU"?

 This is a longer study we did for the class over several class periods. You'd think that after hours I would have gotten something in the background, or done something with that box he was leaning on.... but no.... that would make far too much sense :D

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