Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I like landscapes pala...

This semester I'm taking the Illustration 4 class, a class where we go out every Friday morning and do en plein aire painting through the afternoon. The first couple weeks were, I admit, very frustrating. I have painted a fair amount in the past, but never really focused on landscapes--figures have almost always been the subject of my paintings in the past. So its not surprising that I struggled. But this last week, I feel like I kind of got over a hump. I'm still far from saying "I'm so good at landscape painting now!" That, I think, is still quite a few humps away. No, this hump was more along the lines of, "Hey, I might eventually be able to become somewhat competent at this!"

Also, I discovered that using palette knives is very fun. Also, they are much easier to clean than brushes are.

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