Thursday, April 8, 2010

I need more space!

I JUST BARELY did this illustration, and nobody else has critiqued it or looked at it or ANYTHING... so I'll probably come back to this and see some horribly glaring error, but ah well. I haven't put much up on this blog in awhile since mostly I've been working traditionally, and I don't have a decent camera for taking pictures, so I just wanted to put this up for you all to see.

This was our most recent assignment in my Narrative class. We were each given a copy of today's New York Times and told to choose an article, any article, and do a black-and-white spot illustration for it. The article I chose was about a couple who were both writers, but they only had room for one of them to have office space to write in, which they decided that the husband needed more. Therefore, the wife had to squish herself into the living room in order to write, before they had an interior designer come help them arrange and decorate their apartment. Most of the article was about the whole interior design bit, but I chose to focus on the beginning.

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